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Academic Writing Tips from Professional Thesis Writers

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Professional thesis writers company is a reliable service which provides our clients with all types of writing assistance. Here you can find useful tips on professional thesis writing. Be sure all the following recommendation are made by our high level experts which have gained a lot of experience in this field.

Top Hints on Engineering Thesis Writing

The students are so much burdened with studies and practical projects that when it comes to writing a proposal for thesis or actually writing a thesis they are completely lost. Use these engineering hints as guide for your proposal, thesis or coursework:

  • Engineering is a tough course and therefore the topics that are expected to be selected for engineering thesis are also quite complex. Hence, you should select a topic by taking permission and discussing fully with your mentor who can guide you completely on this issue.
  • Once the topic has been selected, you should start preparing for writing thesis proposal wherein all the references and documents you are going to research upon are clearly mentioned. Your approach and methodology for completing the engineering thesis should be provided in detail.
  • When the proposal gets approved the next step starts and that is about executing the writing work according to plan. Preparing the work design, getting the prototypes done and also setting the experiments that are to be included in the thesis are the activities that are to be conducted. Also the contingencies that might arise during the writing of the thesis should be considered beforehand so that you do not have to face unwanted challenges in the mid of your thesis writing.
  • An engineering thesis involves apparatus, designs and sketches, along with graphs, statistics and drawings. Relevant references are expected to be given each time you put forth your view and hence instead of giving one illustration for proving your point, it is advisable that you give two to three examples so that no doubt can be raised on your points.

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Best Tips on Accounting Thesis Writing

When you have to do accounting thesis writing, there are lots of factors that have to be considered so that the thesis is appreciated with good grades. Here we are sharing some accounting tips:

  • What comes first is the selection of the right topic for a thesis and many times this is where a lot of time is wasted as the topic has to be approved by the mentor. So, select the topic by taking the opinion of your mentor into account.
  • It is always better if the topic for accounting thesis is to your liking or is connected to your syllabus as it will further help you during an examination. This is also important because if the topic holds interest for you, it will be easier to pursue it till final completion with enthusiasm.
  • Always try to reach to the core of the topic so that you can present your thesis in the limited word count that has been made mandatory.
  • Searching for references and relevant documents is an arduous task. Some of the most searched resources include your lecture notes, text books, websites related to business and accounting fields, TV programs that focus on accounting, and books as well as journals on banking, management, business, accounting and finance.
  • Once you have collected all the necessary references, it’s time to draw an outline as to how you are going to present your thesis. Separate divisions to manage the writing process such as writing guidelines, reading, collecting information and data, analyzing the collected information, deriving conclusions, proofing and reading.

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How to Express Your Confidence in Argumentative Thesis

You should exude confidence in the claims they made in an argumentative thesis. Like any other debate or argument, confidence is crucial to satisfying the core objective of the activity:

  • to persuade readers
  • to convince them to take your side
  • to refute the opposing view.

Best Thesis Topics Ideas by Subjects


  • Branding In Marketing;
  • International Marketing;
  • Direct Marketing;
  • Marketing Via Social Networks;
  • Mobile Marketing;
  • Relationship Marketing, etc.


  • Financial Managerial Process;
  • Ways Of Stabilizing Funds And Income;
  • Means For Generating Profit;
  • Cash Flows Within The Stock Exchange;
  • Insurance Policies;
  • Inflation And Deflation Of Silver And Gold Market;
  • Working Capital Management.


  • Ian McAdam – Magic And Masculinity In Early Modern Drama;
  • Law And Representation In Early Modern Drama;
  • The Actor As A Playwright In Early Modern Drama;
  • Rethinking Seneca’s Influence On Early Modern Drama;
  • Theatrical Embodiment And Spectator Response In Early Modern Drama.


  • Benthic foraminifera production in Antarctic environment
  • Antarctic foraminifera diversity
  • Ecological controls of benthic distribution
  • Vertical distribution of benthic foraminifera
  • Assemblage development
  • Benthic foraminifera taphonomy paleoenvironmental study
  • Future studies of Antarctic benthic foraminifera


Commercial diplomacy itself covers two types of activities:

  • business support activity;
  • activity related to trade-policy-making.

List of the aspects your thesis could be related to:

  • Diplomacy Services and Their Implications
  • Value Chain of Commercial Diplomacy
  • Allocation of Commercial Diplomat Time between Various Business-support Activities
  • Rationales for Commercial Diplomacy
  • Beneficiaries of Commercial Diplomacy
  • Commercial Diplomacy Styles
  • Organizational Matrix as the Determinant of the Commercial Diplomacy Nature
  • Gaps in Commercial Diplomacy

Computer Science:

Data Mining:

  • Big Table Database: Proprietary Database Systems
  • Data Mining Using High Performance Data Clouds
  • Use of Object-Oriented Concepts in Databases for Effective Mining
  • Data Mining Model in Object-Oriented Information System
  • Management Information System Based on Data Mining Technology
  • Data Mining in Social Networks

Artificial Intelligence:

  • Macroeconomic Forecasting Using Techniques of Singular Value Decomposition and Artificial Intelligence
  • Development of Methods and Decision-Making Models Using Artificial Intelligence for Inventory Management Systems
  • Methods and software Environment for UI Intellectualization of Underdetermined Calculation Systems
  • Information Environment Development for Intellectual System Models of Sociological Data Analysis
  • Semantic Neural Network Models and Their Application in the Artificial Intelligence Systems

Distributed Computing:

  • Internet of the Next Generation: Worldwide Network of Distributed Computing
  • Grid Computing Environments
  • Task Scheduling With Temporary Function of Solution Value Loss in Integrated Distributed Computing Environment
  • Development of Mathematical Models of Task Distribution in Distributed Computing System
  • Centralized multiple access management in transmission networks of high capacity
  • Statistical Model of Network Trafficking

Media topics:

  • The best form of commercial advertising
  • Negative impact of electronic media on today’s youth
  • The effect of media wars
  • How media can be used for corporate communication
  • How media contributes to body image dissatisfaction amongst young women
  • Unbiased media – does it exist?
  • The role of media in racism prevention
  • Monopolization of TV by media moguls, etc.

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