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Some Suggestions from Professional Thesis Writers on How to Shorten Your Paper

thesis paper writing tips to know

When it comes to thesis paper writing, every student has to conform to the general format and paper length. Many students forget that they are limited to a certain amount of pages or ignore this fact up until the very last moment and as a result, end up either submitting a thesis paper which is too long or cutting out fragments that are of great importance and so they get lower grades. Here are a few tips from professional thesis writers on how to shorten your thesis paper without affecting its quality.

Professional Thesis Writers Tell How to Shorten Your Thesis Paper

If it happened that you need to shorten your paper, professional thesis writers suggest doing a few things. First of all, you should reread every chapter of your thesis one by one and circle points that are of least significance. Mark every point with a number with the most significant ones being ranked 1,2,3… and then exclude points that are of least significance.

Another thing you can do to shorten your thesis paper is present some of your information in a graphical way. For example, you can present your results in a form of a table or a diagram and that will save some of your space. Professional Thesis Writers think that another way to shorten your thesis paper is to paraphrase some thoughts in a more laconic way. You can read a few sentences or a paragraph and then formulate a single thought based on that information and write it in a form of a single sentence, etc.

Professional Thesis Paper Writing Tips to Know

Most of the tips that you are able to find regarding professional thesis writing contain information on what you should include in your thesis and not too many of them describe things which you should avoid. Here are the tips that can be of great use and will make your thesis look a lot better and more complete:

  • Obvious parts describing: So, one of the things you should avoid in your thesis paper is too much motivational material. A good rule of thumb would be to use three or four reasons each of them described concisely. Together with that, you should avoid describing obvious parts of the obtained results as well as unnecessary details and those that are irrelevant to the topic of your thesis.
  • Poor spelling: One other thing you should avoid is spelling errors. With the availability of spell checkers, there is no reason why you should lose points due to poor spelling. The assessors that will have to mark your paper can treat spelling errors in a way that they might make results look misrepresented and the ones that lead to failure to prove your point successfully.

Tips to Shorten the Thesis Paper

Let’s pay attention to these tips to reduce the length of your thesis paper. You can do it by following the suggestions shared below:

  • Read out the paper loud to spot the errors.
  • Exclude the unnecessary words.
  • Compare your paper with any published study.
  • Ask others to go through your document.
  • Check the samples to get more help.
  • Proofread the paper twice or thrice.
  • Use the different sources of editing i.e. manual and online.
  • Try to make corrections straight after writing each sentence.
  • Gather the small amount of data.
  • Focus on the major points of your paper.

Let’s Shorten a Thesis Paper: Things to Give More Attention:

  • Every time when we try to make the written assignments concise, many things come in the mind to do it in appropriate manner. But few things or suggestions are quite necessary to keep in the brain. You’re supposed to focus on these points while shortening the length of thesis paper.
  • Make this attempt on a peaceful place: There is no doubt about there is higher importance of paying concentration when it comes to decreasing the length of a thesis paper. If you’re trying to do it personally, then sitting on a tranquil place would be helpful to do so. It will be best to find the unnecessary or irrelevant words and excluding them accordingly.
  • Enlist the important points to add in the paper: It is better to write less rather than shortening the length of text content. You need to enlist the necessary points to make a concise report. This trick would also be helpful in saving your time.
  • Avoid using the long-tail words: It happens often when we don’t use plenty of words in a document but that doesn’t seem brief. The long-tail words lengthen the text content. So, you need to avoid doing this.
  • Follow what experts say: The briefly written documents always grab the eyeballs of the readers. Although, the quality of work also matters but people tend to focus more on the length of documents before reading them out. Therefore, you need to follow the feasible tips to compose the concise research papers. Make sure that you’re well-aware of adding the details in an appropriate way. Do not copy even the single line from any published paper. The content should be original and updated. The advance sources of writing the text work would give you more exposure in front of the readers. Follow the tips shared by experts.

Professional Thesis Writers Can Help with Shortening Your Thesis

Professional Thesis Writers think that these suggestions will help you to shorten your thesis paper for it to meet academic standards, but if you will have difficulties doing it on your own, our professional writers and editors will gladly provide their assistance. Don’t hesitate to ask your tutor or advisor for assistance and don’t forget that there are professional thesis writers if you need our help.

Professional thesis writers are glad to help you and answer how to shorten a thesis professionally! Ask them now!

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