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The Importance of Separating Results and Discussions in Your Thesis from Pro Thesis Writers

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Some students get carried away when writing their results section because they also include some explanation of results there and this affects their final grade. Professional Thesis Writers know about the importance of separating results and discussion sections of your thesis paper and would like to tell you why it is so important.

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Professional Thesis Writers Tell about the Importance of Separating Results and Discussion Chapters

As the name suggests, results chapter of your thesis paper is a part where you provide all results which you obtained during research phase. It is one of the shortest chapters and its purpose is to present results (often, in a graphical way). On contrary, discussion chapter is a part of your paper in which you should provide COMPLETE explanation of the results and their consequences on the theory, hypothesis or a problem that you were trying to solve or point of view you were trying to defend. As you can see, these two chapters are different and so they should be separated. In fact, it is very easy to separate them, because once you have provided all of the results, you should start out a new chapter and write their explanation.

Importance of Discussing Chapters and Separating Results

In any type of academic paper, the best thing you can do is to keep the results section separate from rest of the part. Never combine both sections ever. This will help you to conduct the paper in an excellent manner and by presenting the accurate results. Secondly, depending upon this technique would also help the future researches to get the best data in the collection process. The text-based section and part of calculations should also be added separately to create a proper idea of what you’ve conducted indeed. This practice is also helpful in getting your draft approved as earlier as possible.

Tips for Writing the Discussion Sections and Results

The research report or thesis writing is all about explaining the topic by sharing its different aspects and characteristics. Secondly, the results are based on methods used to quantify certain values in the quantitative research and text-based solution in the qualitative research.

Some useful tips to include discussion section and findings are here for your assistance:

  • Add the concise details in the discussion section. Write briefly without extending the statements.
  • Think carefully before adding any information into the paper.
  • Follow the order of adding elements in the discussion section.
  • Limit the number of quotes to add in the discussion section. It is necessary indeed.
  • Write in paragraphs rather than relying upon subtitles and bullet lists everywhere.
  • Show the methods and formulas that you used for quantifying the results. Do it only in the section of findings.
  • Make sure that you’ve calculated the values properly. Otherwise, the wrong figure-based results can lead to rejection of your paper.
  • Keep the section of findings concise. Don’t fill it up with the paragraphs.
  • Never give any hint of the final findings in the discussion section. Whatever results you’ve collected must be added in the last section. It is one of the major mistakes made by many students.
  • Keep your eyes open during the formatting procedure. The discussion section and results need to be formatted in a standard/required style. It is definitely quite important to make the draft more presentable. Otherwise, be ready to face the instant refusal.

Professional Thesis Writers Can Help with Writing Your Results and Discussion Sections

Professional Thesis Writers would like you to keep in mind that if you will not follow guidelines for thesis writing, you will be punished, so differentiate your chapters and you should do fine. Also, don’t forget about Professional Thesis Writers whose writers, editors and researchers are eager to help, so if your paper is not coming along – contact us and we will take care of all of your issues. We know what info should be included in what chapter and will make sure that you will get a high grade on your thesis, guaranteed.

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