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Useful Thesis Phrases from Professional Thesis Writers

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Why Professional Thesis Writers Suggest Using Certain Phrases

Of course, thesis is a scholarly paper that needs to be written according to academic standards and department guidelines. Students are supposed to use technical and professional language in their theses, but besides that, there are certain words and phrases that can add up to the overall positive effect of your paper and make it look like a uniform piece of writing rather than just a pile of fancy words and technical phrases.

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Useful Phrases Professional Thesis Writers Suggest You to Use

Some words can be used to link ideas and to signpost the reader by adding emphasis or introducing an alternative point of view.

  • You can use phrases like: moreover; furthermore; further; again; in addition; what is more; besides; as well (as); either; not only…but also; similarly; in fact; really; as to; with respect to; regarding, etc, to add more to a point you already made.
  • Besides that, you can use words like: first(ly); second(ly); third(ly); another; in addition; finally; to begin with; in the second place; additionally; also; then; next; finally if you are writing in lists.

More Phrases from Professional Thesis Writers You Should Use

Another pack of words can be used in a thesis to put the same idea in a different way.

  • They include phrases like in that case; with this in mind; to look at this in other way, etc.
  • When you are introducing examples in your thesis, Professional Thesis Writers suggest you use phrases like: in other words; for instance; as follows; especially; such as; mostly, etc.

As you can see there are many useful words and phrases that you can use in your thesis, so bear this information in mind and get on to writing your paper.

Sample on CSR in IT/TI Enabled Services Industry

Here we provide you with the sample of thesis in which you should use phrases listed below. Hope this thesis example will help to write your own thesis:

Sample Research Problem: Professional Thesis Writers suggest you to ask such a research question: What is the relationship between implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the perspectives of managers regarding CSR?

The Research Question focuses on identifying whether the perspectives of managers have an impact on the success rate of achieving CSR goals and objectives.

Professional Thesis Writers have also some Specific Research Questions:

  • What are the perspectives of managers working in the IT/ITES industry in India regarding CSR?
  • What is the success rate of implementing CSR goals and objectives?
  • What are the CSR goals and objectives within the IT/ITES industry in India?
  • What is the direction of the IT/ITES industry when it comes to achieving CSR goals and objectives in India
  • Who are involved in the implementation of CSR goals and objectives?

The specific research questions are asked by professional thesis writers to further discuss the research problem. All of the five questions focus on the implementation of CSR goals and objectives by the different players in the IT/ITES industry in India that is known to be huge. Likewise, the question also aims to show whether the perspectives of the managers regarding CSR are positive or negative and how this affects their implementation of specific goals and objectives.

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