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I am very pleased with my thesis and with the way I was treated by the staff at ProfessionalThesisWriters.com. The best thing about it is that I was able to contact the person who was writing my thesis any time to make sure everything is going smoothly or to make some corrections. He was very helpful in providing me with explanations on the status of my paper. That person followed specified requirements and thesis turned out to be great! If I will have some more writing to be done, by all means I will turn to this custom thesis writing company.

Justin R., Canada, Toronto

What Professional Thesis Writers think about constructivism in preschool education

Early childhood is the period when every little personality is very impressive to every kind of external influence. Educational methods and approaches applied in preschool establishments need to be considered to the every detail to cultivate only positive human traits and attend to versatile talent development. Gentleness, beauty and joy along with discipline should surround an infant in stepping into learning new things. One of the learning theories in preschool education that follows this concept is constructivism and this is the stream to which Professional Thesis Writers devoted their outline. Professional Thesis Writers aimed to provide you with some hints on where to search and what points to touch in particular chapters of your thesis:

  • Introduction

Without precise defining the features that differ constructivism from other teaching and learning theories, this thesis writing won’t give a good insight  to reader into this theory of preschool education and he won’t understand why this concept has so many followers and is viewed as a pedagogical paradigm. Professional Thesis Writers define constructivism as a learning theory that refers to acknowledging with every new thing on basis of experience, so that everything is compared with already known, learned and felt.

  • Literature review

As Professional Thesis Writers note, first pedagogical idea of constructivism was developed by Seymour Papert, inspired by learning ideas of psychologist and philosopher Jean Piaget, who had developed more general constructivist theory of knowing. But before that, there were a number of studies expressing similar ideas and those that were prerequisites for constructivism in a way it was defined by Seymour Papert. Moreover, the end of 19th century was rich on related diversions to the constructivism approach in preschool learning, and therefore thesis writers will have a fertile ground of sources for literature review.

  • Methodology

Pre-school constructivism approach brings some of the most important psycho-dynamic teachings and principles for the teacher to response and the children to catch on with. Professional Thesis Writers emphasize that constructivism requires from teacher good questions. The teacher directs through leading questions his little students towards goal, but the stepping process of achieving the target is done in mind of each child: so that everyone runs through his own little evolution.


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