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Dissertation or thesis is a supportive document which is submitted in support of candidature of any academic degree, it supports the professional qualification presenting the author’s research and findings. Dissertation writing is a highly exhaustive process. If you still have doubts how to start your own paper – use the following tips and samples to make your dissertation perfect.

Secret Formula of Ideal Thesis Structure

We suggest you to write your thesis according to the following plan (not all parts will be completed as it depends on your university requirements):

  • Title
  • Declaration
  • Acknowledgments
  • Table of content
  • List of tables/ Illustrations/
    Figures/ Appendices
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Appendices
  • References or Bibliography
  • Glossary/Index

Typically, there are two types of abstracts:

  • Descriptive abstract which tells readers what information the thesis contains. It includes the purpose, methods, and scope of the work
  • Informative abstract which communicates specific information including the purpose, methods, and scope of the work.

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Every dissertation or thesis should have the following components:

  • Hypothesis. Organize findings and study them carefully. The notes are studied carefully in order to imply them in the thesis. An overview is written in order to support the dissertation. It contains information regarding the tools, methods, procedures, subjects etc. that has been studied carefully in order to receive information about the topic. Each topic should be described very elegantly as possible. All headings and subheadings should be addressed carefully as they form the base of the dissertation.
  • Discussion. In this section, all the results and answers are summarized and interpreted to give a better knowledge of the topic. In other words, it enables the dissertation to be more users friendly. Examine, interpret, and qualify the results, as well as to draw inferences from them.
  • Conclusion. State whether the hypothesis was proved or not and discusses the importance of the research and future findings.

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Professional Thesis Writers Focus on Thesis Survey Results Analysis

The objectives of thesis survey results analysis:

  • For improvement of data analysis
  • For application of coding strategy via qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Performing statistical analysis
  • Understanding the methodology of deriving the result out of thesis analysis
  • For sharing experience founded on writing reports and thesis.
  • Analytical strategies for coding of qualitative data
  • Statistical analysis of survey by questionnaire.

Tips to write thesis survey results analysis:

  • Outlining the method of gathering results that include data derived from methodology and case studies
  • Creating accumulation supporting graphs and charts and all possible visual aids for best illustration of the results
  • It is recommended to include conclusions and textual comparisons. In addition, adding to these comparative study results, its relevance to the previous results and similar type experiments should also be described.
  • It always adds authenticity when the source of these surveys and analytic results are listed below in this section of thesis writing. Professional thesis writers often use referencing style to do this resource listing job.

Sample on Producing a Healthier Biscuit: Evidence for Adding Dietary Fibre

This paper explores the principles behind producing healthier biscuits by supplementing them with dietary fiber. Snacks ‘R’ Us is involved in the production of sweet biscuits for sale in Australian supermarkets. As a way to extend its product range and promote the company’s social responsibility image, Snacks ‘R’ Us should consider producing sweet biscuits with dietary fiber added. The biscuits with dietary fiber can be critical in weight management and in the prevention of bowel cancer. This paper specifically addresses the issue of adding dietary fiber to the biscuits for a number of reasons enlisted in this paper.

Subtractive Schooling Thesis Sample

If your thesis is connected with subtractive schooling these tips based on a book review will be very helpful:

Thesis Statement:

Professional thesis writers are sure that the book of Angela Valenzuela, entitled “Subtractive Schooling,” is an effective representation of the concept of “subtractive schooling” and provides credible insights regarding the situation of Mexican students.

Short summary of the text

A. The text focuses on the experiences of Mexican and Mexican American students.

B. The said group of students feel marginalized in schools because they do not feel a sense of belongingness in the place.

Subtractive Schooling

A. The school, together with the involved actors, makes the students feel unimportant and that nobody is concerned about their welfare.

B. The concept is in differentiated from additive schooling, which assimilates the Mexican students into the mainstream.

C. The subtractive schooling sheds light into the plight of Mexican students and provides new insights regarding this particular group.

The research methods used by the author contributes to its credibility.

A. Professional thesis writers think that the author used an ethnographic approach.

B. The use of ethnographic methods, as professional thesis writers have noticed, allowed the researcher to provide substantial information regarding the unique experiences of the Mexican students.

Thesis Guidelines and Useful Tips from Our Experts

Just like with any other academic paper, prior to writing the thesis one should give a great deal of thought to the topic because if you will choose an irrelevant and not interesting to your topic, you will end up wasting your time and efforts. Besides that, professional thesis writers are sure it would be wise to inquire about what is expected from you and clarify thesis guidelines beforehand.

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When asking for guidelines, you should also talk about such things as:

  • The word limit for the thesis;
  • The final submission date;
  • Do you have to agree the chosen topic and the title with your advisor?
  • Are there any deadlines for particular chapters of your animation thesis?

It is very important to ensure that the thesis does not lose sight of the problem and the solution one hopes to achieve and at the same time, the thesis must ensure that there is clarity at every stage.

  • Sources of data and statistical analysis tool awareness is important
  • Edit everything as it is written. Continuous revisions reduce the burden of doing so at the end and in bulk
  • Maintain a steady flow of matter which must be logical and clear
  • Make the data as concise and understandable
  • Use statistical tools wherever possible to summarize complex data.

Finding Professional Thesis Writers

In cases where one is unable to formulate and think through the thesis writing process, there are always experienced and professional thesis writers who are also subject matter experts. There are many thesis writers to be found by simply looking online.

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